Excel 2000
Vision Statement

“Creating Opportunities to Promote Wellbeing and Friendship”


“We aim to create a network of local groups committed to the delivery of wellbeing and friendship within their communities”

Three Business Strands




Excel Wellbeing Clubs

These are wellbeing clubs, offering wellbeing and social support to those who need it. Excel takes an inclusive approach to who might attend the sessions, but training for Excel Associates includes modules covering, older people, mental health, dementia and other physical or emotional problems. Usually 1 to 2 hour sessions delivered by a trained and qualified associate of Excel. Activities are structured to meet individual needs and to promote wellbeing in every sense.

Music and movement is used to assist with body awareness and to create a friendly and gentle approach to assessing general physical, social and emotional needs or ability. Facilitated discussion is used to help understand needs as well as encouraging sharing and social interaction. Self awareness and self care is encouraged and supported through group discussion and signposting. Learning around self care is delivered both through the trained Excel Associate and through relevant speakers.

Excel Networks (Franchise)

Excel will be developing a network of small community based Excel Wellbeing Clubs run and managed by local Excel Network Associates (ENAs). Our ENAs will become members of the Excel Network (EN) by investing into a franchise which will offer the following services: -

  • Induction Training
  • Accredited Modular Training Programmes
  • Corporate Literature and Marketing Materials
  • Business Planning and Support
  • Insurance and Risk Management Policies and Related Training
  • Access to National and Regional Strategies on Health and Social Care
  • CRB and other safeguarding policy administration

EAs will belong to and feed into the development of the EN via county wide networks of Associates. EAs will participate in the development of products and services as well as having legal responsibility for the fidelity and integrity of the Excel Network corporate identity and products.Associate agreements will be binding agreements between the organisation (franchisor) and the Associate (Franchisee) ensuring that Associates only deliver products and services as developed by the EN and that products, services and corporate identity are the intellectual property of the Excel Network and therefore the Excel 2000 Charity.

Excel Carers Forums

Excel Cares Forum (ECF) will offer training and workshops to both professional and personal carers. The ECF will link together carers via regular events for mutual support and information and build local ECFs that cater for all needs. Through partnership with other agencies and voluntary groups ECFs will offer respite, support and access to services that carers are often in need of, but fail to access due to caring commitments, transport or awareness.

Formal training modules will be offered to carers and personal assistants who want to develop their understanding of particular areas of care, such as dementia, mental health, stroke, continence, improving mobility and other care requirements. All training will be designed to encourage self care and independence as well as providing for all aspects of wellbeing. The aim is to offer care, support, training and information to those who care for others and to reduce the need for critical interventions to those they care for.