How does Excel 2000 help people?

Who does
Excel 2000 help ?

Meeting Special Needs


Adults and Children

Needing a gentler form of physical activity.

With gentle structured movement to music. Meeting and sharing together. Using a holistic method to health. Easing aches and pains. Helping to prevent accidents.

We offer workshops for carers, helping to cope with daily life, people with Alzheimer’s, cancer, multiple sclerosis, stroke, mental and emotional challenges.

Music and Rhythm

Activities are structured to meet individual’s needs and ability. In water or on land. Seated or standing. With carer or partner. At home or in a group.

Carers young and old

Looking after yourself. Maintaining strength, energy and interest in life.

Positive thinking

Improving lifestyle through exploring potential new experiences. Stress management and relaxation. Gentle hand massage. Improving general nutrition. The value of herbs and accredited complementary therapies.



Body awareness

Learning to recognise body signs and signals. Helping to reduce tension, stress and pain. Promoting optimum health balance.

Elderly people

Avoiding accidents. Reducing the risk of falls. Meeting people – having fun – keeping fit.

Self Help

Improving lifestyle through relaxation, control of negativity. Concentrating on positive energy. Using natural remedies and the uplifting qualities of music.